The Wolfgang Brothers 2011 Bio
There is a gleam in Wolfgang's eye, a telltale sign of the mischief always on his mind and in his music. There is some fun to be had, and he is going to be right in the middle of it.

And although he seems to be dancing with his own drunner, Delbert Metherel, the handsome half of this iconic musical partnership is right by his side, full of life and the simple joy of performing music... live and lively!

The easy banter between this pair combined with their laid back approach to a show belies the near subversive sophistication of their style and content.
"Hillbilly Jazz"? Why not?

How else can you describe the musical territory they cover? Timeless jazz standards in unique arrangements, edgy but pure down home humour, invitations to a party and dance and a subtext of thoughtful musical commentary on the ups and downs of life.

They have been bringing this marvelous mix to the stage for a long time, and they still mean it.

The Wolfgang Brothers... Catch them if you Can!